Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time frame

If you have ever had time on your hands just to sit around and think to yourself then why not take out time to write a little. Even if you don't have the correct grammar or have anyone to read what you wrote, who cares. I think blogging has to do with venting. Not necessarily venting to anyone in particular but it is beneficial if you need to let something off your chest.

Sometimes I catch myself writing my own version in my head instead of writing it on paper. Even though the way I perceive my timeline in my head doesn't exactly replicate what I write on paper or on my phone it still has the same meaning. For future reference I will throw a statistic at you. 90% of the time I catch myself over analyzing what I'm going to say before it comes out. Most of the the time this hinders what I'm really trying to say. But hey, it never hurt to filter what you need to say. I know of a few people who lack the filter that processes what they want to say (Princess Fiona) HAHA. Only certain people know who I'm referring to. Now that I have bullshit around for 2 full paragraphs, let's get to what this blog concerns.

Time frame and how it is perceived in my mind. I've recently came across a reality check that in a way slapped me in the face (figuratively of course). Most people don't search for that someone because this action can only hurt you. You just have to learn to sit back and let it happen. Easier said than done for sure. I can't lie though, with the friend base that I have been blessed with it does get easier with time. I know there is so much opportunity with my daily lifestyle that I never need to take out any time during the day to look back and reminisce. Reminiscing only makes everything harder to cope with. Right? Or is this one of those self-consumed ideas of living. Who knows, and honestly who cares as long as it works for me.

Along with time frame comes the breakdown to which life comes at you. Addressing the situations as they come to you and not trying to take on too much is the way to live, right? There are so many questions that I need answered. So many thoughts that have endless possibilities. I'm sure I'm not the only one has these thoughts. But maybe I'm just the only one who actually takes time out of the day to think about it. On to the next one.