Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Moves Forward

So, the journey begins when I enter my quest as a truly single guy in this town they call Weatherford, TX. Some might say that I should have admitted this a long time ago, but no one truly understands the gratitude of my old relationship with the devils daughter a.k.a. (Sheila). Most people would have broken things off last october when I found out she was messing around with a 30 year old who happened to be her old boss. But, I guess thats we're my stupidity and ignorance comes into play.

I guess what it truly comes down to is the fact that I was so accustomed to having her around that I didn't know otherwise. This could be deadly for many relationships. I know a couple of my friends who have been locked in a relationship for so long that they have no way out. They are so used to the every day living of being surrounded with one another that they are beginning to settle down. I believe if you must settle for your relationship then there has to be someone else out there better. Another thing, I'm 21 years old and this should be the time of my life. The time where I have no strings attached, no one to call to, and I do whatever whenever I please. I can't lie either this past month has exceeded my expectations of the single life to the fullest. I'm pleased to say that I'm very happy with my decision and I'm glad it happened this way.

I think with me holding on as long as I did, it helped me grow a little bit in my own way. Also, holding on helped show me what I really need to look for in a relationship. So all in all, it was a plus in my eyes. Granted, I probably passed up a couple here and there that could have been great potential girlfriends. But, thats why everyone says that everything happens for a reason.